Don't expect "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" -- Taylor Swift's re-recorded version of her landmark 2008 album -- to rake in as many Grammys or CMA Awards as the original.

"After careful consideration, Taylor Swift will not be submitting 'Fearless (Taylor’s Version)' in any category at this year's upcoming Grammy and CMA Awards,” a Republic Records spokesperson told "Good Morning America."

It seems that Swift isn't looking to double-dip, as the original "Fearless" remains one of her most highly decorated albums.

"'Fearless' has already won four Grammys including Album of the Year, as well as the CMA Award for Album of the Year in 2009/2010 and remains the most awarded country album of all time,” the spokesperson said.

There is still a shot for Swift during the upcoming awards season, though. The spokesperson noted that her ninth studio album, "Evermore," which was released in December 2020, will be submitted to the Grammys for consideration in all eligible categories.

"'Evermore' charted on many year-end best album lists in 2020 and continues to be one of the top-selling albums this year," the spokesperson said.