If you saw Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren's gender reveal back in July and thought he looked disappointed that he was having another girl, he says you just don't have the whole picture.

"What people don't know is that my whole family was there," he told Nashville Lifestyles, "and we had all just made a bet."

"I was certain that it was a boy," Rhett continued. "So...my look of what people thought was, 'I can't believe we're having a girl,' was really, 'I've just lost a gigantic bet!'"

In fact, since 3-year-old Willa and 2-year-old Ada have become part of his life, Rhett brags he's now something of an expert on raising daughters.

"I'm a really good 'girl dad,'" he points out. "I'm obsessed with my girls. I can't wait to have a third."

"Willa Gray and Ada James are going to be amazing big sisters," he adds, "and she's going to learn a lot very quickly from them."

Rhett and Lauren started their family by adopting Willa from a Ugandan orphanage in 2017, and he says they certainly don't intend to stop with three.

"We're not done yet," he predicts. "We would love to adopt again, so I think our family is going to be massive by the time we're said and done. We've got another shot [at a boy]."

Thomas Rhett, 29, is on the cover of this month's Most Beautiful People issue of Nashville Lifestyles, which has previously spotlighted Lauren, also 29. Look for the couple to welcome their new daughter sometime around the beginning of February.