Everything is better in color, and that certainly holds true for female-founded cookie company Baked in Color.

Julie Waxman wanted to bring some brightness to the classic brown and black chocolate chip cookie, so she had an idea to create the first rainbow chocolate chip cookie on the market.

“I had a cookie company in college and saw color as an emerging trend in the market,” Waxman said. “There was not one colorful chocolate chip cookie in the market so I knew there was a great opportunity.”

With that idea came the start of Baked in Color. Waxman launched the company in May 2016, originally selling only rainbow chocolate chip cookies. Now, Baked in Color also specializes in brownies, brownie cookies or “brookies,” custom cakes and custom-colored cookies.

Waxman said the company prides themselves on the fact that the treats look good, but taste even better. "We like to say delicious and beautiful," she told "GMA."

Instagram has helped her company grow to new heights, Waxman said, noting how food influencers posed with her picture-perfect treats. Before she knew it, press started reaching out about her colorful cookies.

On top of Instagram food influencers, Waxman said her new cookies are appealing to sports fans who are customizing them in the color combinations of their favorite teams.