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At Nakamura.ke Mobile Kitchen's, there's a one-of-a-kind of ramen on the menu.

Neon yellow, bright orange and blue -- the "lumen ramen," as it's called, literally glows in the dark!

The restaurant, which pops up all over the country, claims to be the world's first glow-in-the-dark ramen shop.

As of now, it's stationed at Yamashiro Hollywood in Los Angeles until July 21.

Visitors should not expect the typical dining experience.

Instead, you embark on a mysterious tour to reach the pop-up spot's location, where you can choose between general admission or VIP.

The price difference is $83 versus $158. The dining portion of the event is about 30 minutes, and if you purchase VIP, you sit during your meal rather than stand at a bar.

At first, the secretive staff wouldn't unveil what makes the food glow.

PHOTO: Broth being poured into a bowl for glow in the dark ramen.
Courtesy Nakamura.ke
Broth being poured into a bowl for glow in the dark ramen.

But founder Ami Sueki says it's a combination of vitamin B, some amino acids, plants with high chlorophyll and a UV light.

PHOTO: Glow in the dark ramen
Courtesy Nakamura.ke
Glow in the dark ramen

Sueki told "Good Morning America" she came up with the concept about three years ago when she had a dream about it.

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Sueki said the decor inside the shop is "inspired by my grandparents' house."

PHOTO: Food at a glow in the dark pop up shop in Los Angeles.
Courtesy Nakamura.ke
Food at a glow in the dark pop up shop in Los Angeles.

"It was always spooky because it was so old when I went to stay at [their] house," she continued. "It creeped me out because they had so many Asian dolls and paintings and trinkets."

Folklore and storytelling play a significant role in the experience. The restaurant tells the fictional story of the Nakamura family.

The story goes that the Nakamuras are a family of supernatural spirits, and here, the waiters and chefs are "Yokai spirits" who lead the journey to this otherworldly ramen.

ABC News' Angeline Bernabe and Karolina Rivas contributed to this report.