Meet Rae, the 12-week-old golden retriever who is nicknamed a "unicorn" because of the one ear she has on the top of her head.

Rae is is ear spelled backwards.

She's so special and no one at the animal hospital she was taken to has seen a dog like her.

PHOTO: Rae as a puppy.
Brianna Aardema
Rae as a puppy.

When Rae was born, she required emergency surgery and constant care.

Brianna Aardema was one of the people caring for Rae at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and says it was love at first sight.

PHOTO: Rae with her paws on a steering wheel in a car.
Brianna Aardema
Rae with her paws on a steering wheel in a car.

"The minute I saw her, I knew I wanted to raise her and be there for her even though I knew the road to recovery wouldn’t always be easy," Aardema told "Good Morning America."

Aardema now takes care of Rae full time and loves having Rae in her life.

As Rae's wound from surgery began to heal, her right ear kept rising and now sits on the top of her head.

There's no name for the condition Rae has -- it was just a "crazy accident" at birth, according to Aardema.

Everyone at the animal hospital started calling Rae a "unicorn" which is how she got her adorable nickname.

PHOTO: Rae sitting on the stairs.
Brianna Aardema
Rae sitting on the stairs.

Rae started getting attention after a viral video on the app TikTok.

The video posted just a few days ago, already has over 2.5 million views and nearly 500,000 likes.


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Since her viral video, Rae now has almost 9,000 followers on Instagram.

It's safe to say everyone has fallen in love with this unique pup.

"She’s amazingly brave tough little girl who has the most confidence of any puppy I’ve known," Aardema said.