A group of Florida high school seniors held their graduation ceremony in a classic Floridian way, on jet skis.

The pomp and circumstance for the graduating seniors of Somerset Island Prep in Key West included water and the sound of the jet skis' motors.

The nearly one dozen now-graduates of the public charter school each drove a jet ski to an anchored boat, where the school's principal handed them their diploma. The principal handed the students their diplomas with a grabber though in order to ensure social distancing protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic were followed.

The unique graduation took place on May 26. The seniors wore their graduation caps and gowns over life jackets and face masks.

“The idea to have a Jet Ski graduation is a perfect example of the innovative mindset that permeates Somerset Island Prep," Todd German, Somerset Academy’s governing board chair, said in a statement, according to Storyful. "I could not be prouder of the students and staff during these trying times."