This couple is helping people within Honolulu's homeless community "feel like humans again" with their mobile shower service.

Craig Shoji and his wife Danica have provided showers for more than 250 people through their company Revive + Refresh.

In June 2015, when they visited an underprivileged community in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, they were inspired to fulfill an even greater purpose in life.

PHOTO: A Revive + Refresh volunteer serves a man hot food.
Revive + Refresh
A Revive + Refresh volunteer serves a man hot food.

"I was walking down the street and there was a houseless individual there," Craig shared with "Good Morning America." "I just told him, 'Good morning,' and he was kind of surprised that I said that to him because no one ever says anything to him."

Craig realized how important it was "to just treat people like normal people."

Their business started as their service, Laundry Love, to provide fresh clothes to the homeless community, but it has expanded into a business that provides individuals with hot meals and showers.

This mission stems from their belief that "everyone has a story," no matter their walk of life.

The couple takes their trailer with two showers to their events around Honolulu. More than 460 people have attended to use their facilities with more than 250 people having used their showers.

Each guest gets 15 minutes, and each stall is equipped with toilet paper, shower gel and hand gel. Attendees are also all provided with a hot meal.

"Just to see their faces when they come out, it's like a different person," Craig said.