She may still be in diapers, and she doesn't know her ABC's, but this two-year-old art prodigy is already making big waves -- and thousands of dollars -- in the New York City art scene.

Lucille Javier, the mother of 2-year-old Lola June, who some have dubbed the "pint-sized Picasso," said she didn't know what she had on her hands and admits "I've definitely thrown some of her artwork away."

Lola's skills in colors and composition were discovered by one of Javier's friends, who showed her work to Anita Durst, the owner of the Chashama Gallery in New York City. Durst said she knew that little Lola's art would sell.

Lola even had her own exhibition, entitled "Hope," at the Chashama Gallery earlier this month.

Curator of the show, Pajtim Osmanaj, said he hopes to show people "how pure and simple art can really be," in a statement on Instagram.

"I believe it is not always necessary to have years of experience to create," he added. "With Lola’s art I want to create a show which makes people to question their selves and the difference between a master painter and a young child.”

"Her palette, the way she chooses her colors are really exceptional," Durst said.

"It's amazing," Durst added. "People have been calling us to buy her artwork and wanting to know how to get it and some stars have been buying her artwork."

Some of her paintings have even sold for a whopping $1,500.

When asked if Lola was actually talented or just good for her age, Durst said it was a mix of both.

"Lola is good," she said. "And she is good for a 2-year-old."