If you're watching Super Bowl ads this Sunday, keep an eye out for Alyssa Carson -- the world's youngest astronaut in training -- on your screen.

The 18-year-old originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, became fascinated with space when she was a kid after watching a cartoon called the "The Backyardigans," which had an episode about a mission to Mars. Carson's dad then told her that her generation would be the first to go to the "Red Planet."

From that point on, Carson decided to dedicate her life to becoming an astronaut, with the ultimate goal of being one of the few people picked for the Mars Mission at some point in the 2030s.

At the age of 15, Caron entered the Possum Academy, which trains citizen scientists to become ready to go to space through research missions.

By the age of 17, she was certified to go into space, and by the age of 18, she received her pilot's license. She is currently studying astrobiology at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

Now, she can add acting in a Super Bowl commercial to her out-of-this-world list of accomplishments.

Carson was contact by SodaStream, a home water carbonation machine company, about having a part in their Super Bowl commercial. When Carson did some research on the company and learned about the Mars-based concept behind their commercial, she was in.

"I think SodaStream is a great way to help clean up our planet and stop some of that waste that we keep polluting Earth with," Carson said. "I thought the idea was really funny and will catch people's attention."

The commercial begins with two astronauts finding water on Mars. When they bring their discovery back to the human habitat on the planet, they are shocked to find one of their fellow astronauts mistakenly placed the "Mars water" inside of a SodaStream machine in order to make himself a carbonated drink.

"Any ways we can find to keep the public wanting us to go to Mars the better for us to explore and become a multi-planet species," Carson said.

Carson said the shoot took around 13 hours and that it was "fun to act like I was on Mars." The astronaut-in-training said we was "very impressed" by the detail of the fake Mars habitat which made up the set.

The 18-year-old says that she plans on having some friends over to watch the game and surprise them when the commercial comes on.

"They will probably find out through social media beforehand," Carson joked.

Carson hopes that the ad being aired to millions of people will not only raise people's curiosity about the Mars Mission, but also inspire the next generation of kids who dream of becoming astronauts -- especially young girls.

"We need a lot more women in STEM careers," Carson said. "I am hoping by my example that can get more girls interested in STEM. It takes tens of thousands of people to send one astronaut into space and we need those women on the ground here sending them up."

For young girls who are interested in space, Carson has some advice: "Find a STEM subject you love, pursue it hard, tell others of your dream, build your resume and never give up or let anyone take your dream away from you."