Watching a makeup tutorial from your favorite vlogger has its benefits, but seeing it all go down alongside enthusiastic children makes it ten times more entertaining and adorable.

One mother-daughter duo that has mastered the art of sharing their skills is self-proclaimed "mommapreneur" Ellarie and her daughter who goes by Yoshidoll.

"She's been in love with the camera since she was small so when I started YouTube she's always jumped in my lap trying to be on camera," Ellarie told "Good Morning America" about her daughter.

"I didn't have to decide for her. I asked her if she wanted to record herself and she said 'yes'!"

Ellarie and Yoshidoll's beauty tutorial fame came naturally.

"People always asked me what I used to do her hair, and how to create her styles so I started there," she says. "Then we started doing vlogs, and hopefully we will keep expanding."

Just like anything else, creating digital content with your child doesn't come without challenges. Ellarie explains there are alot of mixed opinions from outsiders that also come with it.

"It's hard not to respond to the negative comments, but I know that people who have followed us from the very beginning know who we are and that this is all for fun."

When it comes to working on new tutorial videos, Ellarie says Yoshidoll has losts of energy that can sometimes be hard to reel in. However, at the same time, she enjoys it because it allows for more bonding time.

"I love that it is something she enjoys, and it gives us more time to spend together, Ellarie says. "Her personality always shines when she's in front of the camera and its fun to see."

Ellarie's advice for mother-daughter makeup tutorials:

"You definitely have to have a thick skin and not worry about others opinions because there will be plenty. As long as I raise my child with morals and confidence I am not worried about what people think."

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