Just when we thought we'd seen it all, like magic ... poof! -- teeny, tiny micro bags appear.

French fashion designer Jacquemus debuted bite-sized bags at the brand's Fall 2019 show during Paris Fashion Week that probably can't fit anything too much bigger than a safety pin.

When initially sending invitations out for the Jacquemus show, the brand tucked them away in tiny envelopes that were placed inside the micro bags hinting that there would be more to see at the show.

It hasn't been confirmed how much the new micro bags will retail for, but based on the prices of the current in-season bag collection, they could potentially fall between $345 - $795.

If you are wondering what you could possibly fit into these tiny bags that are now trending, you are not alone. Popular blogger Aimee Song also begged the question on Instagram as she held up her own green Jacquemus bags. A few thoughts included everything from "a handful of cheetos" to a "crumpled napkin."

Whether or not you are feeling the practicality of these micro bags, one thing is for sure -- they are having a moment. Scroll along to see how others are rocking this trendy it bag that's tiny but (somehow) mighty.