Cher has showcased lots of amazing looks through the years, but there is one she's staying away from.

The iconic singer revealed that her signature jet-black strands will be here to stay.

"[Going gray] is fine for other girls," she told People. "I'm just not doing it!"

One thing Cher does like to do is switch up her makeup and she appears in a new M.A.C Cosmetics campaign with rapper Saweetie.

"I'm like this lipstick. When I'm on, I'm on," Cher says during a short video where she's seen holding a pink lipstick. Saweetie responds to her: "You are always on."

Throughout the "Challenge Accepted" beauty ad, Cher is seen wearing a variety of some of her most stand-out performance looks. Toward the end, Saweetie is seen joining her on stage and the two of them embrace.

Cher's also reflected on her past beauty campaigns. "I paid a big price for doing [the infomercials]. I took so much heat from that, really ... [now] things have changed completely," she said.

Cher continued, "You keep going and that's the challenge. Things don't always go right and you have to be willing to just put yourself out there, put your ass on the line, put a big target on it and then keep going."