For People magazine's 2019 "Beautiful Issue," actress Gabrielle Union went completely makeup-free.

Union did her first natural beauty close-up with the magazine in 2009, and now, 10 years later, she has done it again, admitting she feels "mildly less confident."

"Once I kind of made peace with who I am and where I'm at and being 46, I actually feel pretty, pretty solid about being back here 10 years later, shooting again with no makeup," she told People.

She continued, “Because I’m finally really okay with me.”

The "Being Mary Jane" star reflected back to her initial shoot with the magazine, saying, "At first it was kind of terrifying, to be honest."

"I think sometimes we use makeup as a mask to insulate ourselves from reality," said Union. "But once I kinda got comfortable and we were outside, it was the beach, and I had a bike, and I just let it ride. I thought the pictures turned out great and I had a great time that day."

The 46-year-old actress also opened up about how much she adores her newborn daughter Kaavia James.

"She's really her own person," she said in a video clip posted on Instagram. "She's got her own mind at four and half months."

This might have been only the second time Union has done a magazine photo shoot without makeup, but she also shares many beautiful barefaced moments on social media during her downtime with family.

Take a look at more precious moments of Union showing off her natural glow.

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