Jojo Siwa recently switched up her signature look for a new one that's unlike any we've seen her in before.

While she's usually known to wear a high ponytail, big bows and glitter, the 17-year-old dancer teamed up with beauty vlogger James Charles for a big transformation.

Charles posted a video of the duo titled "Giving Jojo Siwa A FULL MAKEOVER," which has more than 16 million views.

At the beginning of the video, Siwa explained that she usually likes to do her own makeup. "James, this is my dream and my nightmare at the same time," she said to Charles.

He responded, "I'm nervous too because I want to make sure that the look is appropriate, that you like it."

As the video goes on, Siwa starts to look like a brand new person. Her ponytail is taken down, she no longer has on any face jewels and her makeup looks like a fierce contoured canvas of neutrals. She also has a full flutter of extended eyelashes and glowy highlight.

After seeing the final look, Siwa said, "I will say, it's very pretty and you did a wonderful job on the hair and on the makeup."

She continued, "Obviously it's not me, I mean, you know how I showed up here in sparkles and bright pink and neon and rainbow, but it is really pretty and you did an incredible job."

One viewer was quick to point out how much she looked like another popular beauty vlogger, Nickie de Jagger. Many others chimed in with replies saying they had the same thoughts.

Siwa wasn't the only one who got a full makeover. Over on her channel, she also posted a video titled "Giving James Charles a JoJo Siwa makeover" that has more than 4 million views.

At the conclusion of the video, we see Charles in a full-out Siwa-inspired makeup look. He wore a big pink bow and also had a voluminous blonde ponytail clipped in.

After getting a glimpse of himself in the mirror, Charles said, "This is literally everything!" The duo both laughed and broke out into dance moves to celebrate his look.