With hair salons closed across the country, people are struggling to maintain their normal hairstyles. While some may try their best to hide their blossoming grays or dark roots, Kelly Osbourne has decided to embrace her quarantine hair.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the 35-year-old British TV personality proudly showed off her lavender locks and emerging brownish roots.

"Can’t lie I’m really starting to like what’s happening with my hair! It’s about 20 different shades of purple and blue," she captioned the selfie. "Should I keep it like this?"

Osbourne's multicolored locks are not exactly a surprise as she often changes up her hair color -- going from red, blonde, purple, black and back again. In fact, one could argue that it's other celebrities who took a page out of her book with their new quarantine looks.

For example, Sarah Michelle Gellar recently showed off her cotton candy pink hair as a way for parents to embarrass their children. Meanwhile, Jennifer Love Hewitt added some pink highlights to her hair, Hilary Duff, made her blonde strands "blue" and Ariana Grande revealed her natural curls in place of her signature high ponytail, just to name a few.