From berry lips to monochromatic pinks, we're obsessed with the fall makeup looks that celebs have been spotted wearing this season.

The best part is that you can recreate these looks for less at home.

Celebrity hairstylist, Chris McMillan, whose famous clients include Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Williams just to name a few, and Jamie Greenberg, makeup artist for celebs like Kaley Cuoco, Elisabeth Moss, Jessica Alba and more, spilled their secrets on how you can pull off the look yourself at home.

McMillan and Greenberg, who are both spokespeople for Marshalls, shared with "GMA" the styling tools and products you'd need to get these looks on a budget.

1. Selena Gomez's classic fall beauty

Selena's makeup: "This makeup look consists of a pop of red on the lips, neutral eyes and long, voluminous lashes, full strong brows and flushed peach cheeks along the cheekbones," Greenberg said. "This look is versatile and perfect for many occasions."


- Red gloss or lip stain

- For a bolder look: Red or Merlot moisturizing lipstick

- Waterproof volumizing mascara

- Peach blush

Selena's hair: "Selena is wearing a beautiful lob haircut here. I love it especially for women who can't decide between a long or short haircut," McMillan said. "It creates a silhouette that flatters all face shapes and can make hair look thicker and healthier, too."


- Hairspray

- 1-inch professional curling iron

- Paddle brush

2. Mandy Moore's statement fall look

Greenberg on Mandy's makeup: "With her strong eye, Mandy's lip color is more subtle and a nude lipstick is a great way to balance the standout look. A pop of color on the lids is perfect for fall as it's unexpected against the more neutral and muted tones of the season. The thing that I love about the color is that there is no right or wrong way to wear the latest shades, and you can have fun experimenting."


- Palette of purple and pink shades

- Nude lipstick

- Eyelash curler

- Volumizing mascara

McMillan on Mandy's hair: "I'm loving this sleek, tidy hair look because it's easy and effortless, while also being fashion forward. This hairstyle is great because it allows people to focus on your face. Ponytails are another way to wear this ultra-sleek look and is a modern take on a classic style perfect for the office or classroom."


- Blow dryer

- Smoothing serum

- Heat protection spray

- Flatiron

- Hairspray

- Ponytail

- Bobby pins

3. Kaley Cuoco's Monochromatic fall look

Greenberg on Kaley's hair: "This is a great example of a monochromatic look that uses the same color palette to match the eye, lip, and cheeks. Expect to see this matchy-matchy makeup trend continue this fall season with copper and brown hues. A monochromatic look will always be on trend because it looks good on every skin tone."


- Eyeshadow palette

- Blush palette

- Lip palette

- Eyeshadow and blush brushes

- Eyelash curler

- Volumizing, waterproof mascara

McMillan on Kaley's hair: "This is a take on two of the hottest trends in hair right now: loose wavy hair and a high pony. As fashion takes center stage this season with bold color and oversized design, a simple, no-nonsense hairstyle will serve as the perfect companion to round out your look. Nothing says effortless like a loose wave or ponytail."


- Professional curling iron

- Heat protective spray

- Pomade

- Hairspray

- Dry shampoo or boosting spray for extra volume

- Brush

- Ponytail holder

- Bobby pins

4. Joey King's bold fall smokey look

Greenberg on Joey's makeup: "It's always fun to see Joey on the red carpet because she loves to experiment with bold makeup. Here she's really allowing her eyes to shine, by complementing them with a smokey copper on the lid and a pair of strong eyebrows easily achieved with the right eyebrow pencil or pomade. As we move further into the season, expect our color palettes to move away from summer's bold prime color hues towards shades of brown, copper and nude similar to what we are seeing here on Joey."


- Copper, brown and beige eyeshadow palette

- Deep brown or black eyeliner

- Pencil, pomade or powder for strong brows

McMillan on Joey's hair: "Joey's sleek bun is the perfect companion to her dramatic eye and lip. This hairstyle allows the makeup and face to be the focal point of the look. It's always on trend to let your face take center stage, and a bun does just that. This hair adds height and it's glamorous and an easy way to wear your hair if you're lazy."


- Hair oil

- Ponytail holder

- Bobby pins

- Hairspray

- Gel or pomade for flyaways

5. Yara Shahidi's flawless natural look

Greenberg on Yara's makeup: "What we see here on Yara is a perfect example of the 'no makeup' makeup look. In other words, a light application of natural tones that accentuate one's natural beauty. A big trend we are seeing on the red carpet is that less is more; celebrities are letting their natural beauty shine. It's a welcome trend and easily achieved at home."


- Tinted BB cream

- Highlighter

- Cream blush

- Cream contour

- Eyelash curler

- Volumizing waterproof mascara

McMillan on Yara's hair: "In this look, Yara embraces her beautiful, naturally curly hair by adding only minimal product to hold down baby hairs and flyaways. Similar to what we are seeing with beauty this season, it's all about allowing your natural beauty to radiate. Let product complement your hair's natural movement, not work against it."


- Curl creams

- Fresh out of the shower hair

- Blow dryer to diffuse and set the look

These tips will have you slaying the fall celeb beauty trends in no time!