Many people would agree that Rihanna is a bit of a beauty chameleon, and she recently gave fans a peek into how she fills in her eyebrows.

For this week's "Tutorial Tuesdays With Rihanna," on Fenty Beauty YouTube channel, she effortlessly demonstrates how she plays up her gorgeous arches in less than five minutes.

"Eyebrows are important because they are the framing of the face," Rihanna says in the video. "No matter what, if you get that wrong, everything else falls short."

Using Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler, she begins by showing how she likes to use the brush side of the pencil to get all hairs in line.

Then, she moves on to tracing with the arch first. "The arch actually controls the entire dynamic of the brow," she says.

Rihanna also points out during the tutorial that she tends to use more than one color to match the natural gradient of her eyebrows.

"I do not like to see brows that look fake," she adds. "There's a natural gradient that happens automatically without you even putting on a brow pencil."

With that tip, she switches over to a lighter-toned medium brown pencil for the inner corners of her eyebrow.

Rihanna concludes the video by discussing what makes the brush tip of the pencil so special. She explains how it helps her to develop a shape and clean up on the outline of her eyebrows without disturbing the overall look.

Click the video above to get a glimpse into Bad Girl RiRi brows 101.