Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents, and he just added beauty tutorial narrator to his resume.

YouTube beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, popularly known as NikkieTutorials, posted a beauty tutorial video that was narrated by Snoop Dog.

In the video, De Jager, the newly appointed Marc Jacobs Beauty global artistry adviser, demonstrated how to incorporate the brand's new Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder and Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick.

Toward the beginning of the clip, Snoop chimes in, saying, "You know I got your back Nick-knack."

De Jager starts by prepping her face with primer and proceeds to tap in foundation all over for an even base.

Then, she adds a lighter toned Marc Jacobs concealer under her eyes, and she adds it to her forehead as well in the shape of a heart.

Following this step, Snoop Dogg says, "Put the heart right on the forehead, love is love."

Dippin' it, flippin' it, making it look dynamic.

Next, de Jager contours her face with a deeper-toned concealer and sweeps powder over the areas she wants to set. "Lightly up under the eyes," Snoop Dogg says. "Lightly Nikkie, lightly."

At this point, he's really feeling the creative artistry put into this. "This is like a painting by Picasso," he says.

After setting her makeup, de Jager fills in her eyebrows and proceeds to create a smokey eye look. Snoop Dogg gets excited about this step and explains how it's not the same as the smoking he was doing while narrating.

"Smoke it out baby, for me," he says.

She then uses a setting powder and blush and asks Snoop Dog how he's liking the look so far.

"Dippin' it, flippin' it, making it look dynamic," he says, before responding, "I'm loving it, baby!"

De Jager brings the look completely together by adding highlighter on top of her cheekbones. Snoop Dogg suggests this part makes her look like a real star.

It looks like she got glare or glitter on her face, like a real star.

Last but not least, de Jager concludes the beauty tutorial by lining her lips and applying lip gloss.

"I’m astonished, I’m proud, I’m happy to be a part of it," Snoop Dogg says. "When you close your eyes, you look like a butterfly. It’s beautiful."