Unicorns are everywhere -- figuratively speaking, of course.

In the past few years, the mythical creature has taken over social media. Look around and you'll find clothes, beauty products and even desserts featuring unicorns-inspired designs -- and, now, there's even a brick-and-mortar store in New York dedicated to their magical horns.

Brooklyn Owl dubs itself as the "world's first unicorn horn store."

The magical creatures are anything but a trend to owner Annie Bruce and her family. Bruce set up shop five years ago after her then-3-year-old daughter, Bee, told her she wanted to be a unicorn.

"I love unicorns because they are just so magical. They can teach you to really believe in yourself, be amazing and that you can do anything," said Bee, who's now 9 years old.

Bruce crafted Bea her own unicorn horn and the business grew from there. Now, Brooklyn Owl sells dozens of different horns from their store and online. Each horn is handmade by Bruce from the back of their shop.

"For me, Brooklyn Owl and these unicorn horns that we're making here aren’t just a trend," Bruce told "Good Morning America." "We are getting to work together as a family business and we get to spread love, joy, confidence to as many people as we can and we really hope that we can do that more."

The former math teacher says she sees all kinds of customers stop by her colorful Brooklyn store, from kids to kids-at-heart.

Bruce strives to ensure her customers feel as good as they look in her unicorn horns.

"We’re not just making a product," Bruce said, "we really want people to feel special because unicorns are special."