Dancing in high heels, staying on her toes and matching the rhythm of the beat -- professional dancer Cheryl Burke of "Dancing With the Stars" knows how to move.

She works out to stay in tip-top shape for the show.

"When I'm not dancing it's important I stay in shape, and for me, because I've been so active my whole life its hard for me just to go on a treadmill and run for a few miles," Burke said.

One of her favorite things to do is box.

"I love boxing because it's similar to dancing, you have to memorize certain moves ... and it's not just challenging for the body but you have to use your brain as well," Burke said.

Here are seven moves taught by Burke's trainer, Nick Vierra, that she does to stay fit.

1. Lateral Band Walks

Start by placing a resistance band above the knees. Widen your stance, and with slightly bent knees alternate bringing your feet in one at a time.

2. Toe-Elevated Hip Hinge

Drive your hips backward while keeping your back neutral. Bend your knees slightly and keep your shins vertical.

3. Band Pull Apart

Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and keep your elbows straight.

4. Elbow Rotating Plank

Place your arms on the floor parallel to one another. Stabilize your core, keep the spine lifted and tuck your pelvis. Squeeze your quads and abs while reaching up to the sky and alternating your arms.

5. Single Leg Reach

Use a foam roller to help you balance. Kick one of your legs back by hinging at your hips. Keep your back straight, your hips neutral and focus on your standing leg.

6. Boxing

Widen your stance, keep your hands held high and plan your speed and movements with your partner ahead of time. Rotate your hips and pivot on your feet when following through with your arms.

7. Pseudo Jump Rope

Mimic moves you would usually do with a jump rope. Rotating your arms conditions the shoulders.