This “TikTok doctor” is bringing smiles to millions across the world with his smooth dance moves.

Dr. Jason Campbell, 31, is a second-year anesthesiology resident at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. While mentoring a medical student, Campbell mentioned that he wanted to share some op-eds he’d written and find a way to reach out to the youth in his community. She suggested that he get on the app TikTok.


Coronavirus Foot Shake. No hand shakin’ allowed in the hospital!##coronavirus ##oohnananachallenge ##oohnanana ##ohnana @jimmyfallon @charlidamelio

♬ Oh nanana - harshapatel123

He toyed with the idea for the while and then decided to go for it. He even got his fellow doctors, nurses and other hospital staff on board to help him with his TikTok mission.

“If I can reach (young people) through dancing then hopefully I can bring them to medicine or to law or to business,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he scrolls the app for positive and optimistic themes and dances that he knows his co-workers can learn quickly. He then sends them out so they can learn them and they meet up at the end of the day to shoot the videos.

“I use it as a way to highlight or signify the end of a long day and rally together and get ready to embrace whatever the next day brings,” Campbell said.

Campbell’s goal was to reach people and he did just that. The doctor says he tries to do one video each day and each time his videos get thousands – sometimes millions – of views. He hopes that his videos will bring joy to people while raising awareness about health care workers.

“Nothing that we’re doing is to subtract from the severity that is occurring in other cities and states,” Campbell said. "If anything, what our goal is, what my hope is, is that we bring awareness to healthcare workers as a whole – especially right now – and support what we’re doing to just bring a little bit of sunshine and joy.”

Keep dancing, doctors! Thank you for all that you do.