Vanessa Bryant's second-youngest daughter, Bianka, and Ciara's daughter, Sienna, linked up to test their skills for the popular TikTok toddler challenge.

Three-year-old Sienna and 4-year-old Bianka took part in the viral challenge on Sunday, which involves a parent placing their child's favorite food, snack or other candy in front of them.

The child is told not to eat until the parent returns. Of course, the kids are videoed while the parents are out of the room, to see whether they do as they're told.

"Si Si and B.B. #Toddlerchallenge. Too cute and funny," wrote Ciara in the caption of her video, which she shared on Instagram.

In the video, Sienna attempts to maintain a serious look on her face with a plate of food in front of her. Meanwhile, Bianka mischievously laughs and touches the food anyway. By the end the video, the girls are seen dancing in their seats, blowing kisses into the air and leaning into the camera to stick their tongues out.

"'Omg! B.B. and Sisi are so cute! #toddlerchallenge," wrote the widow of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in her post featuring the video on Instagram.

Vanessa also shared another Instagram video in which she and Ciara test their knowledge of '90s music classics.

The two sing and dance to hits like Soul For Real's "Candy Rain," Foxy Brown's "Get Me Home," and other tracks from LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill, Faith Evans, and The Notorious B.I.G. Toward the end, Ciara's 6-year-old son, Future, makes a small cameo before they play Aaliyah's "Back and Forth."

"Big Sisi and Big B.B," wrote Bryant in the caption.