Beyoncé has done it again, taking the Beyhive by storm with another awe-inspiring visual album, "Black Is King."

The Grammy Award-winning artist released her highly anticipated work on Disney+ on July 31, and everything from the music to the impeccable fashion moments are nothing short of amazing.

The singer's stylist, costume designer and wardrobe curator Zerina Akers appeared on "Good Morning America" on Friday to discuss how many of the intricate looks came together.

"Going into this, or going into any project, really, with Beyoncé, I tried to sit down with her and get her thoughts and what's going on in her head -- how she sees things," Akers shared. "Then I talked to our creative director and we put it all together."

"One of our early conversations, I remembered her wanting to sort of pay homage to the art of water collecting, and that it's still a very real daily practice for a lot of people," she continued. "With her wanting to do that it sort of of created into this very artistic image."

The team ended up going with an ombré look for this scene in the film.

"What it turned out to be was this very beautiful fuchsia dress that she's wearing in the river with her dancers, and each look ombrés lighter and lighter as it goes on, so the dress is very languid," Akers explained. "It sort of mimics the shape of the river and the water."

Check out some more of the stylish fashions from the film that we can't get enough of.

Beyonce's "Black Is King best fashion moments:"


Fans can't get enough of this super stylish custom Levenity jacket created by Haitian-American designer Venny Etienne. "Seeing Beyonce in my garment represents soooo much more than me," Etienne wrote in a post. "It represents Marlboro projects in Brooklyn, NY where I grew up, represents my Haitian culture, represents Dallas, TX where I live now."

He continued with an empowering message, "And guess what....there is sooooo much more to come. And I'm saying this not knowing exactly what or when it will be, but this faith thing really works. And I am a firm believer of speaking things into existence. Let this be the motivation for you to continue to grind and remember black excellence is a form of protest."

Timothy White

Akers shared an image of the singer wearing a custom Timothy White ensemble. "Another one for the books," she captioned the photo.


This look from "My Power" was made custom by Mugler.

Mary Katrantzou

Beyoncé is pretty in this pink ruffled number by Mary Katrantzou, for the song "Water."


This animal print moment was created by Riccardo Tisci. She's wearing a custom Burberry cow-print corset top with matching mini skirt.

5:31 Jérôme

This "Modern Magic" look is hard to miss from 5:31 Jérôme. It features hand-beaded Nigerian lace along with a silk trench/jumper hybrid.

Michaela Stark

Beyoncé commands attention in this alluring look from Michaela Stark.

Loza Maléombho

We can't get enough of this stylish black and white blazer moment by Loza Maléombho.

Laurel DeWitt

Laurel DeWitt created this gorgeously adorned custom crown.


Beyoncé is a showstopper in this regal custom look designed by Alejandro.

How to stream 'Black Is King' on Disney+: Anyone with a Disney+ account can access the movie on July 31. No end date has been announced. For those who still have yet to sign up, Disney+ costs $6.99/month or $69.99/year. There is also a bundle featuring Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99/month.

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