Duchess Meghan sported a variety of great looks during her tour of southern Africa, and one body positive influencer fiercely recreated some of those styles.

Megababe founder Katie Sturino posted three side-by-side photos of her and Meghan wearing matching looks as a part of her #SuperSizeTheLook social media series on Instagram.

"This is never about who wore it better...it's about empowering women of all sizes to wear what inspires them," Sturino wrote in the caption on Wednesday.

Within Sturino's click-through gallery of looks, she recreates Meghan's beige belted Banana Republic dress, her black jumpsuit, and her denim jacket outfit.

Since releasing these photos, Sturino's post has been liked more than 26,000 times with lots of people chiming in with comments.

"Dying over the precision in recreation on the denim jacket look (which is also my fave & a frequent fall outfit for me)," one person wrote.

"Who knew I would ever want to be wearing a trench dress so badly, Sturino told People in an interview referring to one of the looks.

"Meghan wore two of them during this tour and I will be adding this one to my closet," she continued.

This is the first time Sturino has channeled the Duchess of Sussex's royal style. She has done it several times before and is always pretty spot on.

In September, Sturino gave Meghan's belted denim look a try.

Also, in May she wore a blue version of a flowy dress Meghan wore.