Selena Gomez inspired her fans on Thursday when she shared the little note she recently wrote to herself to remind herself of her worth.

On her Rare Beauty's official Instagram, the "Boyfriend" singer posted a makeup-free selfie that shows the Post-it Note she wrote to herself and stuck to the mirror, which bears "I am enough" in all caps.

Gomez has been on a journey to self-love, which has been extensively documented in her new album "Rare," which is filled with songs detailing her most vulnerable moments and empowering anthems.

However, she doesn't want to be the only one working on loving herself a bit better, so she encouraged her fans in the caption to reach out to their friends and give them a much needed #rareminder that they are loved.

To help spread the cheer, Gomez also shared plenty of inspirational Post-it Note messages her fans have created, such as "You are amazing so stay just the way you are," "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth," "Love yourself first. Always" and "Be confident, you are rare."

As for why she included so many examples, the 27-year-old gushed in the comment section, "Love seeing everyone’s posts."

It's obvious her fans loved seeing her recent photo, too, as many confided in the comments section that her kind words about self-acceptance were exactly what they needed to hear.