From cycling shorts to sunglasses three times too small for the person's face, the past year brought about several wild trends and they were spotted everywhere from the runway to the red carpet.

We spoke to 11 celebrity stylists who regularly outfit some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industries. They told us all about the top trends of 2018, as well as the ones they think should stay there.

Check out the good, the bad and the bizarre fashion statements of the past year below.

On-trend: All about the 90s

Elizabeth Sulcer, a stylist who works with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and top model Adriana Lima, said her 2018 styling projects were full of repurposed fashions from the 1990s.

“There’s a big 90s trend right now, and you see it with a lot of denim and leather,” she told “Good Morning America."

"Another trend that I’m mixing into the 90s is vintage. I’ve been mixing a lot of old Chanel and Fendi. I feel like that kind of complements the 90s, but the girls are really excited about mixing new pieces with vintage.”

“We try to just keep changing it up and surprising the fans and different clients,” she said.

“That’s what fashion’s all about — taking risks and experimenting. I think a lot of my clients are really excited to explore fashion and explore their look, and that is something that I would love to impart in everyone’s style a little bit."

Stylist Krisana Sotelo, who works with singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, also embraced the ‘90s aesthetic.

“Well, it started with the tribute collection with Versace, which I thought was really strong. Donatella bringing back this really important collection with heavy prints — very 90s,” Sotelo said.

"That strong 90s, with touches of gold, bringing out old Chanel pieces as well. Just kind of mixing vintage with new,” she continued.

She also enjoyed experimenting with styles that featured strong shoulder silhouettes.

“There was this one top that I got for one of my clients, Alicia Keys — it was a Versace tribute top.”

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“We ended up cutting the top and making it more waist-length, and then we added a strong shoulder, which I thought was a great trend in 2018 and is also trickling into 2019.”

On-trend: Bright suits and power blazers

Many stylists noticed their clients — specifically, women — loved dressing in sleek, tailored styles this year.

“I really loved how people are embracing suiting and power blazers,” said Erin Walsh, a stylist who has worked with Kerry Washington, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thandie Newton.

“I am all about clothing that makes women feel more powerful, and it was nice to see so many takes on it. From Brandon Maxwell's lean 70s vibe in his iconic colors, to crazy MSGM patterns, Nili Lotan silk, The Row's pure chicness, Gucci's mad hatter party — I love it. I think its fun.”

Sulcer also incorporated suiting styles with her clients. “The oversized suiting and denim on denim — I think we really pushed that and I see a lot of that,” she said.

While many of Sulcer's client looks incorporated high-priced designer pieces, the stylist said she also loves to mix in more affordable goods.

“I kind of love that look that you can achieve with mixing high-end and low-end," she said. "That’s great also for accessibility for a lot of different people because not everyone can afford super expensive items. We always put a little bit of a streetwear twist onto it, which is really modern and a huge trend right now.”

Cat Pope, who has styled models like Andreja Pejic and Sofia Resing, embraced the trend as well.

“In spring, people really liked colorful suits," she said. "They were really great to work with some of my clients for press events because people could really personalize it and find a shape that shows off their body really well — and just have a bit more fun with something that’s quite classic ordinarily."

“During the cooler months, like fall, there was that great tweed pattern," Pope said. "I think everyone bought one of those blazers at some point this year. They probably wore it with jeans, or they wore it with something black. People could really do a lot with it.”

On the fence: Tiny sunglasses

Extra small sunglasses were a unique accessory that took over street style looks and runways, but they were also a divisive trend this year.

“Who wants sun in their eyes? We wear sunglasses for protection, and then you put these on and you look like a granny trying to read,” said celebrity stylist Sonia Young, who has worked with stars like Paris Jackson.

“But then again, it's a double-edged sword, because there are some people that really pull off the trend beautifully. Some trends just aren’t meant for the masses, and that is one of them,” she added. “Not judging a trend by the images that you see, and testing them out for yourself is really important.”

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Walsh thought the sunglasses were one of the worst trends of the past year, but stylist Philippe Uter, who styles singer Zara Larson and “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp, warmed up to it.

“Two things that were great were the fanny pack and the very tiny sunglasses,” the French stylist said, adding that they “worked really well to finish a look.”

“If you had a simple look, you just add those accessories, and you definitely made the look complete,” he added.

On the fence: Cycling shorts aren't just for biking

Another bold look that took over the fashion set? Compression shorts, typically used for cycling, were mixed with heels and crop tops.

“Bike shorts are something that we really gravitated toward in 2018, and I’m really excited because I think for 2019 it’s now on the major red carpets,” said Dani Michelle, who styles Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.

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“You have Vuitton, Fendi, Hermes, Prada coming down the runway with bike shorts. There’s so many great ones. I love that bike shorts are not just a little trend — now it’s something we’re seeing on the runways. I think that it’s really cool.”

Cat Pope fell on the other side of the spectrum and veered away from incorporating bike shorts into her styling projects.

“They looked great on people once, but then that’s it, move on,” she said. “It’s kind of like when people were living in their athleisure wear — like, I get it, your body looks cool in them and you’re comfortable in them. But get dressed.”

Andrew Gelwicks, who has styled multiple Victoria’s Secret models and castmembers of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” isn’t a fan either.

“Biker shorts and fanny packs, I just can’t handle that anymore,” he said. “I think it was overused, and a lot of people didn’t dress it up. If you’re going to do something a little more casual, then dress it up somehow instead of just doing biker shorts and a sneaker and a hoodie.”

However, he feels that there might be room to incorporate them into men’s looks in the future.

“If people are not going to give up biker shorts I actually think biker shorts on men are really chic. I saw some at that in Art Basel in Miami and I thought that was a really interesting take.”

On the fence: Head-to-toe neon

Full neon is undoubtedly attention-grabbing, and the stylists had mixed feedback on the trend, which many celebrities and influencers were spotted in this year.

“I feel like touches of neon are fun. When you go for full neon, to me, it looks kind of cheap. I wasn’t really into that trend,” Sotelo said.

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Victor Blanco, who styles high-profile talent like actor Patricia Clarkson, said he likes neon dresses and suits even though he wasn’t able to use the color often in his projects.

“Some trends are not meant for everyone,” he said. “I really love the lime color — this bright neon color — but it’s not for everyone so I wasn’t able to use that.”

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Walsh wasn’t into the neon trend and hopes we leave it in 2018.

Leave behind: Outlandish shoe styles

This year also brought about several wild sneaker styles, including designer crocs and Ugg boots.

Morgan Pinney, who has styled celebrities like singer Becky G and rapper Machine Gun Kelly, couldn’t get behind the releases.

“I never got into the chunky sneaker vibe. I kind of drew the line at those. I just couldn’t get behind it,” she said. “Those shoe trends were meant to stay in the past for a reason, so bringing them back wasn’t my favorite.”

On-trend: Sequins and fringe

Celebrity stylist, Tara Swennen, who works with actors like Julie Bowen and Kristen Stewart, found herself gravitating toward flashy patterns and looks this year.

“We also had fun using sequins in a more casual way in 2018, and yet also in many dressy ways as well!” Swennen said.

"One of my favorites being Allison Janney’s Sag Awards dress,” she added. “The matte on this sequin made it unique and more casual on a gown, and that’s what drew us to it!"