Miley Cyrus has added two new tattoos to her wide range of body art.

Celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter posted a photo of Cyrus' lastest ink on Saturday, which reads "freedom" in cursive just above her knuckles.

Winter, also known as Winter Stone, posted his latest work done on the "Mother's Daughter" in a black and white photo.

On Instagram, he mentions that her tattoo was done using a delicately sharp, single needle.

Cyrus' expressive "freedom" ink wasn't the only new tattoo she got. Fisher also traced a handwritten note from Yoko Ono on the back of Cyrus' left shoulder.

The tattoo reads, "I'm proud of U. Yoko."

Many people have speculated that Cyrus' new freedom tattoo maybe be related to her recent divorce from Liam Hemsworth. However, she has not shared any meaning behind it yet.

Others have also pointed out that her tattoo could be a nod to Cyrus' empowering song "Mother's Daughter," which includes the lyrics "Don't f—k with my freedom" ... "I came back to get me some."