Queen Elizabeth was coached by her daughter on how to do a video call while working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, proving again that royals are just like us.

The queen got technological help from her daughter Princess Anne on a video call the two took part in last month to mark Carers Week, a week dedicated to supporting caregivers in the U.K.

"Can you see everybody?" Anne asked Queen Elizabeth at the start of the call with four carers. "You should have six people on your screen."

When Her Majesty replied that she can only see four people on her screen, Princess Anne replied with a laugh, "Okay, fair enough. Well actually you don't need me. You know what I look like."

The behind-the-scenes footage of the 94-year-old queen interacting with Princess Anne was released ahead of a new ITV documentary about the princess titled, "Anne: The Princess Royal at 70."

The royal family has been working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, following the United Kingdom's stay-at-home orders.

The queen's use of the technology shows once again that she is adept at keeping up with the times.

VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth joins video call as she works from home
VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth joins video call as she works from home

The queen made headlines last year when she personally published her first Instagram post while on a visit to London's Science Museum. She sent her first tweet during a visit to the Science Museum in 2014 and sent her first email decades earlier, in 1976, according to Buckingham Palace.

Updates on Queen Elizabeth and the royal family are shared online via a Royal Family Twitter account with 4.2 million followers and an Instagram account with 8 million followers.