Jennifer Lopez truly knows how to show off her best angles.

The "Shotgun Wedding" star posted a radiant shot of herself that has fans yearning for more. She's been wearing a plunging neckline top, gold hoop earrings and several layered chain necklaces while getting glammed up.

She's asking her social media followers to caption her last photo, where she's seen sitting in a chair, looking away with her legs crossed.

Within Lopez's series of photos, there's also a full body shot of her wearing a low plunging neckline black suit and pumps.

"How can one human being be this beautiful," one person commented. Another chimed in, saying, "When the waist and the face both say '24.'"

J.Lo's series of glamour shots has been liked more than 1 million times.

While she didn't give fans any intel on her full makeup breakdown, she did tag her cosmetics company JLO Beauty.

Lopez's beauty brand was launched in 2021 and debuted with an array of skin care products including a cleanser, serum, face mask, cream, SPF moisturizer, eye cream, complexion booster and a dietary supplement.

When speaking about the inspiration behind the brand, the singer and actress said, "I want people to know that this is deeply meaningful for me, that it's personal. "I've made my own life better by making it more beautiful, by making it more simple. And now I want to share what I've learned with women everywhere."